Tax Structure

  • Area Tax Structure is based upon the Fair Cash Value of a parcel and its improvements as established by the Township Assessor and the Lee County Supervisor of Assessments.
  • Assessed Value for tax purposes is one-third (1/3) of the Fair Cash Value.
  • A State Multiplier is then applied to establish the property's Equalized Assed Value. The State Multiplier for South Dixon Township for Tax Year 2009 taxes Payable in 2010 was 1.000.
  • Any eligible exemptions and adjustments including Owner Occupied Exemption; Senior Exemption; SAF Exemption; Farm Land and; Farm Buildings are then factored in to establish Net Taxable Value.
  • Net Taxable Value is then multiplied times the Total Tax Rate (Sum of the individual rates of the Taxing Bodies) and divided by 100 to equal the Current Tax.
  • Any Drainage Tax applicable or Back Taxes are added in and any Enterprise Zone or Industrial Tax Abatements are then deducted to yield the Total Tax Due.
  • Total Tax Rate for properties in the Lee County Business Park for the past three years was:
  • 2007 - payable 2008 - $8.3881
  • 2008 - payable 2009 - $8.5895
  • 2009 - payable 2010 - $8.7046

  • A Residential Example for a lot and home with a $100,000 Fair Cash Value and Owner Occupied Exemption (OOE) would then be calculated as follows:
    • $100,000/3=$33,333
    • $33,333-$5,500 (OOE) =$27,833
    • Times 1.0000 State Multiplier= $27,833
    • Times $8.7046 divided by 100= $2,422.75 Total Tax