About Dixon Public Schools

Each year approximately 3,000 children throughout the Dixon Public Schools enjoy success in the classroom and in a wide variety of student activities. These children, their parents, and DPS's 350 administrators, teachers, and staff make Dixon's schools a vibrant and nurturing learning environment.

A unit school district governed by a single board of education, DPS is comprised of three elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. The elementary schools are community schools, with kindergarteners and first graders attending Washington School and second and third graders attending Jefferson School.  Fourth and fifth graders attend Madison School, which is adjacent to Ronald Reagan Middle School. Community schools allow DPS to equalize class sizes, maximize resources, and ensure a consistent curriculum.

Sixth through eighth graders attend Ronald Reagan Middle School, which was expanded in 1996 to accommodate the development of a middle school. At RRMS, students are for the first time exposed to departmentalized instruction and learn from teachers who concentrate in their particular subject area. The up-to-date facility affords teachers the opportunity to incorporate the latest in technology into their students' learning.

Dixon's most recognized architectural landmark, Dixon High School inspires teachers and students to reach their fullest potential. DHS annually graduates seniors to leading universities across the country, while at the same time preparing students with other goals for their future education and employment. Like DPS's elementary and middle school students, DHS's students consistently score significantly above the state average in all tested subjects.

DPS offers students, parents, and community members almost unlimited opportunities to be involved. In 2004, DPS launched an unprecedented effort to fund student activities entirely through fundraising. The success of this effort has allowed DPS to increase both the number of student activities and the number of students who may participate in them. As a result, DPS students enjoy the chance to compete in athletics, perform in a variety of fine arts, and participate in a wide range of clubs and organizations.

Parents and community members also play important roles in the education of Dixon's children. Whether through service on board of education committees, parent teacher organizations, mentoring programs, or the DPS Foundation, parents and community members contribute countless hours in support of DPS's mission. This support and the unsurpassed dedication of its administration and staff help make Dixon Public Schools a central part of the Dixon community.

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