Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How do I post an event on the Community Calendar on your website?
Answer: Go to the Event Calendar page and click on Add Event at the top of the calendar.  You must fill in the necessary information which will include the event title, description, category, event date and time, and contact information then click on add event at the bottom.  The event will not be live until it has been reviewed by a chamber employee and approved.
How can I print a mailing list of your Chamber members from your website?
Answer:  You may view the member listing on our website.  From the homepage, scroll over the "Members" tab and then click on Member Directory.  There you can find all the members.  A complete mailing list with contact names and phone numbers is available exclusively to our members. Members may obtain an up-to-date member listing at any time at no charge or get the same list on mailing labels for just $15. Members may call the Chamber office to order, 815-284-3361. Not a member? Contact us about membership.
How do I access your newsletter on the website?
Answer:  You may view current and prior years' newsletters on our website. Choose "newsletters" in the drop-down box which appears as you scroll over the Members tab.
How do I get information about joining the Chamber?
Answer:  Go to the Dixon Chamber Ownership Manual section of this website or contact the Chamber office by phone at 815-284-3361. In addition to information about membership, we have an online application PDF form under the "Members" tab that you can fill out and email to our office.  Unfortunately, we are unable to update the Chamber Manual and Membership Investment Schedule information that appears on our website so it's out of date.  Contact our office to obtain a current schedule.
If I use the online application, can I pay online?
Answer:  No, our website does not currently offer online payments. You can mail your check or call us to use a credit card (Master Card/Visa/Discover) or request a Direct Payment Form to set up automatic monthly payments from your bank account.